Indus. monitoring

Optimising the performance of industrial sites

We propose an integrated and secure IIoT offering ranging from the installation of sensors to the display of data, and aimed at optimising performance and reducing the costs of operation and/or maintenance.

Discover our solutions (IIOT)

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Improved processes
  • Optimised energy consumption
  • Lasting and modular solutions
  • Predictive analysis
  • On-premise or Cloud platform
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Our know-how

Installation of sensors

Choice of equipment and implementation of installation courtesy of GPI Group subsidiaries.

Data acquisition and processing

Communication with PLCs and equipment wirelessly via PLC protocols or LoRa technology.

Real-time display of indicators

Tracking of energy consumption (water, air, gas, electricity, etc.) and processes (production, quality, OEE, etc.).

Anomaly detection and smart alerts

State of health of machines, analysis of vibrations, detection of leaks, etc.

Customisable graphical display

Dashboard with creation of bespoke performance indicators and comparison.

Addition of specific features on request

Control screen, integration with 3rd-party tools in collaboration with our UX/UI designers.

If you have a project and would like to discuss it with our team, please get in touch!

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The strength of our middleware platform

The acquisition, aggregation, decoding, processing, and provisioning of data are carried out via the middleware platform developed by DATIVE: DAT’Acquisition

This is a modular and easily configurable solution enabling the rapid addition of new sources of data (whatever the communication protocol), as well as the application of formulae, the sending of data to the Cloud, etc. In addition, DAT’Acquisition enables this data to be made available if necessary for reuse by other display software. This therefore makes it easy to pass from a DAT’Power to a DAT’Process solution.

Our technologies: Modbus, OPC UA, MQTT, LoRa ...

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IIOT Products

Our tools dedicated to industrial monitoring

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Industrial monitoring dedicated to the tracking and optimisation of energy consumption

  • Mapping of energy consumption
  • Automatic alerts and recommendations
  • Generation of performance indicators
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Industrial monitoring dedicated to the tracking and optimisation of processes and maintenance

  • State of health of production tools in real time
  • Analysis of specific process data and recommendations
  • Integration with your CMMS
  • Predictive analysis and predictive maintenance
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Industrial monitoring dedicated to ski areas

  • Collection of the resort's operating data
  • Optimisation of consumption
  • Improved user experience
  • Control of auxiliary equipment (heating, lighting, etc.)
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Our partners

Our integrators and distributors
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