Energy and process monitoring for ski areas

Collect energy and process data in real time to optimise costs, analyse visitor numbers, and guarantee optimum resort operability.

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DAT’Mountain is a monitoring solution dedicated to the stakeholders and decision makers in mountain resorts for collecting, aggregating, and analysing key data (energy consumption, visitor numbers, weather forecasting, condition of motors, etc.) in ski areas. This platform helps you to optimise the control of your resort while improving the user experience and helping to preserve the mountain.

In collaboration with SEIREL
Sigle Dative


Real-time data collection


  • Consumption items (electricity, water, fuel)
  • Production items (hydraulic and solar, energy recovery)

Process data

  • Crowd flows (visitors, skiers) & vehicle geolocation
  • Monitoring motors and vibrations
  • Integration of multi-source key data
  • Operation of ski lifts


AI and machine learning for optimised control


  • Optimisation of consumption and automatic detection of leaks and anomalies
  • Monitoring emissions and making best use of energy production activities

Control and maintenance

  • Predictive motor maintenance (vibratory analysis)
  • Optimisation algorithm for machine control
  • Decision-making aid via data correlation (crowd numbers, weather, flow analysis)

New services

  • Leveraging data and the platform for end customers
  • Control of auxiliary equipment (heating, lighting, etc.)

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Tech mountain

Specialist business and field skills to back up the software

  • Mastery of a wide range of sensors suited to the mountain environment
  • Instrumentation and installation by specialists in the sector (SEIREL Automatismes)
  • Specialist experts in energy efficiency, machine safety, and vibratory analysis (GPI Experts)

Deployment of DAT’Mountain for La Clusaz

For the La Clusaz ski resort (Haute-Savoie), the teams of DATIVE and SEIREL Automatismes have put in place the DAT’Mountain solution for the energy and process monitoring of ski resorts. Around 200 sensors were installed for the real-time collection of energy data (water, electricity, fuel consumption) and process data (visitor flows).

This means, for example, that the information gathered on visitor numbers will enable operators to adapt the speed of their ski lifts according to visitor flows, in order to save energy. They will also receive text alerts for turning off the heating or the lighting in their cabin if they have forgotten to do so, or alerts in the event of water leaks. This application is for now being used by all operators, heads of sector, and resort management, but a new version will be proposed to visitors for a real-time view of the rates of saturation of the ski lifts and the CO2 inventory of the resort.

Some screens of our software.

If you have a project and would like to discuss it with our team, please get in touch!