Who we are

Internal startup of the Gérard Perrier Industrie (GPI) Group, dedicated to industrial digital transformation and the new digital technologies.

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Helping industry to take control of the new digital technologies

Within a world of industry in the throes of transformation, our ambition is to play a key role in this digital and information revolution.

As our core business, our digital strategy is built in service of industry, with the objective of positioning ourselves as integrator and lever for the digital transformation of our customers.

DATIVE sis able to draw on a high-calibre team, across three skills fields, whose objective is to capitalise on industrial data in a concrete and fully secure way:
Cloud & web development
Cloud & web development

Development and deployment of SaaS solutions via Web technologies

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Industrial IoT
Industrial IoT

Acquisition and analysis of data from different industrial equipment

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Industrial cybersecurity
Industrial cybersecurity

Integration and deployment of industrial cybersecurity products and services

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DATIVE is therefore at once the publisher of software and a supplier of cybersecurity services, always dedicated to the world of industry.
Synergy with the GPI Group: the strength of DATIVESynergy with the GPI Group: the strength of DATIVE

Synergy with the GPI Group: the strength of DATIVE

Our positioning within a major group allows us to combine the advantages of a technological startup with a major foothold in numerous industrial sectors:

  • Mountain
  • Energy
  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aeronautics
  • Chemicals...

The Gerard Perrier Industrie (GPI) Group

DATIVE is a subsidiary of the GPI group, specialised in automated systems and electrical equipment for industry. The Group comprises 9 autonomous companies working on markets in constant growth:

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Spread throughout the land, to remain close to our customers

Thanks to the presence of the Group subsidiaries throughout Europe, DATIVE is always close to its customers.

DATIVE can draw on the industrial and technical expertise of Gérard Perrier Industrie to propose digital solutions to match its customers’ needs.

Types of integrated cybersecurity equipment
Connected devices (IIoT)
Data Integration and Valuable Engineering: digital transformation lever and concrete exploitation of your data

Our team

A two-fold enterprise culture: the digital and the industrial environment, in striving for technical and human excellence.

Lucille, DATIVE Director
DATIVE Director
Quentin, IoT and Web Development Web Division Manager
IoT and Web Development Web Division Manager
Aymeric, Cybersecurity Division Manager
Cybersecurity Division Manager
Julien, Industrial cybersecurity engineer
Industrial cybersecurity engineer
Louis, Industrial cybersecurity engineer
Industrial cybersecurity engineer
Ayoub, Industrial cybersecurity engineer
Industrial cybersecurity engineer
Romain, R&D engineer
R&D engineer
Luc, R&D engineer
R&D engineer
Guillaume, DevOps engineer
DevOps engineer
Justin, Customer accounts manager
Customer accounts manager
Yann, Energy projects engineer
Energy projects engineer
Louis, Energy Management Engineer - DAT’Power project manager
Energy Management Engineer - DAT’Power project manager

If you have a project and would like to discuss it with our team, please get in touch!

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