Integration and deployment of industrial cybersecurity products and services

Guaranteeing the cybersecurity of industrial systems is essential. To this end, DATIVE has designed a panel of services enabling you to protect your production facilities.

Discover our industrial cybersecurity solutions

  • Mapping and inventory
  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Securing industrial networks
  • Deployment of security solutions
  • Deployment of IDS sensors
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Management of security equipment and consoles
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Why secure your industrial infrastructures?

Prevent downtime

Assess the risks, monitor in real time, train and protect to ensure continuity.

Preserve the confidentiality and integrity of your data

Identify, monitor, cost, and provide a response for protecting industrial data.

Protect your assets

Understanding your critical equipment assets and their vulnerabilities helps guarantee their security maintenance

IT/OT (Operational Technology) interconnection

Operational technology (OT) is not designed to be interconnected, and so it is essential to secure it in order to guarantee an acceptable security level.

Maintain the confidence of your customers

Cyber attackers are increasingly targeting subcontractors and suppliers. Securing your infrastructures is essential for guaranteeing the confidence of your customers.

Ensuring your corporate sustainability

Around 50% of French companies were victims of a cyber attack in 2021, leading for some to a significant loss in their revenues.

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Assets industrial cybersecurityAssets industrial cybersecurity

Our understanding of the industrial world: genuine added value for our customers

Our cybersecurity engineers have multiple skills: network security (IT and OT), Cloud security, industrial cybersecurity expertise (automated systems, GUI, SCADA, DCS, etc.). They benefit from the field experience of cybersecurity leads in the GPI Group subsidiaries: expertise in automated systems and electrical engineering applied to various industrial sectors (nuclear, cable transportation, chemical industries, food industry).


Our industrial cybersecurity solutions

Our made-to-measure services

Set of services increasing the security level of your industrial infrastructure.

  • Mapping and inventory
  • Cybersecurity assessment
  • Deployment of cybersecurity solutions
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Our recurrent services

Set of services providing you with continuous support in the securing of your industrial infrastructure.

  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Management of security devices
  • Monitoring of security consoles
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Our packaged solutions

Modular solutions comprising a variety of services, depending on customer needs, such as:

  • Network focus
  • Vulnerability focus
  • Backup focus...
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