Monitoring and optimising power consumption

Collect energy data in real time to display your energy mapping, get notified in the event of anomalies, and optimise your power consumption.

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DAT’Power is a solution adapted to your IT for the monitoring of energy consumption, dedicated to the industrial and service sectors. You will obtain an energy map of your sites for tracking your energy performance indicators (EPI), with alerts, automatic reports, and numerous other analysis features.

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View your data: installation of sensors and retrieval platform

Upstream services and expertise

  • Metering plan and choice of sensors
  • Support with Energy Saving Certificates (EEC)
  • Installation of equipment on site

DAT’POWER plateform

  • Configuration of the data acquisition and processing platform
  • Customisable graphical display locally or on the cloud platform developed by DATIVE


Optimise your consumption: advanced software tools and tailored support from experts

Advanced features

  • Generation of the carbon inventory (scope 1 et 2) to match consumption
  • Creation of energy performance indicators: cross-matching of consumption and production
  • Deployment of smart alerts
  • Creation of periodic reports
  • Connection with 3rd-party services (OPERAT, energy suppliers, SAP, weather forecasting, etc.)

Recommendations and advice

  • On-demand analysis from an energy expert
  • Support in conducting work on improving energy efficiency (studies, dimensioning, costing, works)

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Turnkey solution: from installation to data retrievalTurnkey solution: from installation to data retrieval

Turnkey solution: from installation to data retrieval

  • Mastery of a wide range of sensors suited to the world of industry
  • Instrumentation and installation by industrial electrical engineering specialists (GPI subsidiaries)
  • Specialist experts in energy efficiency and HV/LV (GPI Experts)

Standards and certifications

The DAT’Power solution is fully compatible with ISO 50001 certification thanks to the measurement of the energy data and the assessment of the energy efficiency of your sites. DAT’Power also makes it possible to comply with service sector building regulations by measuring and automatically declaring on OPERAT the consumption data for your office buildings. HVAC systems can also be monitored and managed thanks to our solution, thereby meeting the requirements of the BACS regulations. Lastly, the DAT’Power solution and its various features make it possible to calculate, monitor, interpret, and display the energy gains resulting from energy improvement and efficiency actions on your buildings, in accordance with the principles of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).


Deployment of DAT’POWER for DS Smith

For DS Smith, the packaging company, teams from DATIVE, SOTEB and ARDATEM put in place the DAT’POWER solution on all the customer's sites, amounting to some twenty production plants in France and Europe. They installed more than 500 devices (meters/sensors/transmitters) for transferring information to the DAT’POWER platform. The multi-site data was then analysed to propose energy-saving solutions with an ROI of less than one year.

If you have a project and would like to discuss it with our team, please get in touch!